BC01 FAQ - The shock function does not work

Please follow these four steps to troubleshoot:
Step1. Please make sure the collar not in low bettery status; The red LED of the collar is flashing in the low battery;
Step2. Please refer to the "Test mode" section to test funtion. it proves that the electric shock works if the test lamp is lit.
Step3. This collar is designed to function as dog's first bark activates the function of vibration, and the second bark within 30 seconds activates the shock;Please check if the shock level is set to level 0, which it enters a no-shock mode.
Step4. Please check whether the collar strap worn around the dog's neck is often loose, please refer to “how to adjust the collar” section for proper collar strap adjustment and make sure the metal contact points touches the dog's skin.

how to adjust the collar?

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